Valence, France

Industrial lighting


FAUN Environnement is a French and European market leader in the production of heavy duty garbage trucks. The company is recognized as much for the quality and reliability of its equipment and its after-sales services, as for its ability to innovate in order to benefit its customers, and help the environment.
In 1922 the company built their facility in Valence, where they produce heavy duty trucks used for waste collection and disposal in French municipalities.
The company has been quickly recognized as a specialist in transport. Since then, FAUN Environnement has been improving its market position, taking advantage of its innovations, and its ability to combine safety and protection of the environment to significantly reduce noise pollution and CO2 emissions. FAUN Environnement is a subsidiary of the German Kirchhoff Group.

FAUN wanted to renovate lighting in their plant, replacing the old technologically obsolete high-bay lights with a solution requiring minimal maintenance and energy cost.


Our French partner used 48 HLUM 180W fixtures for roof installation, which met the client’s requirements and targets in the first phase, winning them the exclusive contract for the rest of the plant.
More than 200 luminaries will follow in 2018, upgraded with DALI controls and light sensors.

"We decided to use the pilot solution with LUMENIA’s top products throughout the plant. You won our trust in LED solutions and beat the competition. Well done!” said
Etienne Blaise, General Manager at FAUN


With the new lighting fixtures the investor cut energy costs, improved light quality and lowered high-level maintenance.


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