Šentrupert, Slovenia

Industrial lighting and Lumenia Solutions


PLASTA from Šentrupert is one of the leading Slovenian companies in plastic manufacturing and processing. The company, which was established in 1980 on the foundations of a small workshop, recycles polyethylene (PE) and produces blown films and bags.

As part of the expansion, Plasta built a new plant, which was 20 m high due to the size of the machines and other equipment. As the lights were installed at the height of 17.5 m, the company was looking for a system that required little and easy maintenance, while at the same time produced the illuminance of 500 lx.

The investor conducted a thorough market research and compared several providers in the project-planning phase, selecting Lumenia’s lights based on their efficacy and price. The lights were delivered at the beginning of 2017.


Due to the installation height, maintenance posed the biggest challenge in the project, which was successfully resolved with H LUM lights that require almost no maintenance due to their long lifetime.

The installation height also played a decisive role in the selection of optics, with optics 111 chosen as the most suitable for the 69 installed 260-W luminaries. By correctly planning the lighting system, we reduced the input power, and created an energy-efficient system with fewer luminaries.

Smart DALI controls make it possible to adjust the illumination to daylight and set different lighting regimes based on working hours, additionally cutting power consumption.


The investor will recover the difference in the price between a classical and our LED system in three months. The benefits for the investor include a shorter payback period and lower energy costs due to the system’s energy efficiency, with the system still providing the illumination and visibility compliant with the standards and suitable working conditions.


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