Conservatory of Music and Ballet Ljubljana

Ljubljana, Slovenia
Industrial lighting


The lighting of a sports hall must be of good quality, intensity and flexibility to suit different lighting conditions for differing types of sports.

Conservatory of Music and Ballet Ljubljana has recently decided to replace their existing 400W sports hall lighting with our recently updated H LUM PR. 396.180.111.408 luminaires.

Old lights were more than 20 years old and didn't allow any lighting regulations. The aim of this project was to reduce high energy costs while increasing the light intesity and also allowing the user to have the ability to control the luminaires according to their needs with the use of DALI control system, which was also installed.



We replaced 42 existing 400W reflectors with 42 180W H LUM lamps with optics 111, cutting the system's input power by more than 50%.

We upgraded the lighting with the DALI smart management system, which supports automatic adjustments of illumination levels based on requirements. The system, designed in collaboration with IKU, supports pre-setting illumination levels on individual buttons (300 lx, 500 lx and 750+ lx), and remote management through a mobile app. The app can be used to manage every light individually, or to manage lighting in each of the thirds separately.

The light switch panel makes it possible to switch lights on and off and control the illumination by thirds of the hall, as well as to change the lighting levels between 300 lx, 500 lx or the highest level. Motion sensors ensure that the lights automatically switch off after 30 minutes, if nobody is in the hall. If a sensor detects motion, the lights switch back on to the last used setting.



Even though the system’s input power has decreased by more than a half, the illumination of the hall has increased. The smart management system brings even more power savings, so the investor will recover the cost of the investment in less than 4 years. The new lighting improved the visibility, as well as the appearance of the hall, providing users with better conditions for their activities, and improving their wellbeing.

One of the main reasons why the client selected our solution is zero maintenance costs during the 5-year warranty period, with the estimated lifespan of the lights at 60,000 hours.


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