Kraljevica, Croatia
Street lighting




Kraljevica is a town and a port in the eastern part of Kvarner at the entrance to the Bay of Bakar. In order to optimise and reduce the cost of electricity and maintain worn-out public lighting, the town launched a public tender for the implementation of energy recovery in cooperation with an ESCO (energy service company) partner. The aim of the project is to enable financing through Energy Performance Contracting, and thus for the contracting authority or the town, in this case, to increase public funds by achieving savings. In cooperation with the “Petrol javna razsvjeta” company, our equipment was chosen as the most advantageous and most appropriate within the framework of the public tender.



Just over a thousand S LUM 1 and S LUM 2 luminaires from 25 to 80W have been installed/replaced in the entire area of the town, 278 of which are connected into a remote system to manage, regulate, measure savings and monitor performance.
The remaining luminaires, which are not remotely connected, have pre-programmed automatic dimming regimes, specified in relation to the location and needs of individual areas within the town (e.g., regime 1 – residential settlements, regime 2 – State roads, etc.). We have used highly efficient optical systems to illuminate very demanding traffic surfaces in all luminaires.

Additional surge protection is also installed to prevent illumination failures and damage due to lightning in highly exposed lightning areas, such as Kraljevica.



With LUM luminaires, we have met very high technical requirements and achieved the best savings. Thus, costs have been reduced by more than 70%, and illumination performance has improved significantly to meet the prescribed illumination standards.

This is a 'seasonal' tourist destination and the need to intensify illumination depends on the volume of traffic. But now, the remote management system will allow people to optimise the cost of consumption by increasing/decreasing the intensity of illumination, and thus ensuring the necessary safety. The system also sends immediate notifications in these areas of possible failures in the event of a failure, and enhances security even further.



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