Martin, Slovakia

Industrial lighting


The company Thyssenkrupp Materials Slovakia wanted to upgrade the lighting in its halls and warehouses, and the investor was particularly interested in achieving significant energy savings and consequently a rapid return on investment.

When replacing the old lighting system, the number of installed lights was reduced from the original 196 halide and fluorescent lamps to 56 LED lights. The modernization also improved the uniformity of lighting, contributing to the overall wellbeing of the staff and other people staying in these areas.

The company wanted to modernize lighting in its halls and warehouses primarily to cut the high cost of maintenance and electricity, and to improve the lighting comfort. The proposed solution with LUMENIA luminaires met the company’s requirements to reduce the number of luminaires and improve the uniformity of lighting. It was also expected to reduce electricity consumption.

"We decided to go with LED technology for several reasons, but especially for its high efficiency and immediate start-up at full power. We believe that this technology will contribute to the trouble-free running of the company and will improve the working environment for employees. The added value was also the granted 5-year warranty on the luminaires".

Tomas Parma, Warehouse Manager


Lighting system modernization is one of the best options for saving electricity, while significantly improving the quality of the working environment. LUMENIA’s luminaires are the ideal solution for such projects. The old lighting was replaced with 260 W H LUM and 40 W G LUM fixtures, which produce sufficient luminous flux to illuminate the workplaces, and the required light intensity. 144 discharge lamp luminaires in the main hall were replaced by 24 H LUM lights. While the number of fixtures was reduced significantly, the intensity of the lighting still meets the criteria set in the standards as well as the investor's requirements.

52 fluorescent lamps in the warehouses were replaced by 32 G LUM luminaires, also meeting all the investor’s lighting requirements. LED luminaries from LUMENIA are ready for quick assembly, so the modernization process was very simple. The project was completed in about 3 weeks, without the need to break the investor's business cycle.


Investor’s representatives observed the progress of the renovation, and were surprised by the first results and the advantages of the LED technology, such as immediate start-up at full power and the color of light similar to the daylight spectrum.


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