Ljubljana, Slovenia
Street lighting


In September 2016, the Municipality of Ljubljana completed the renovation of the northern section of the ring road. The replacement of street lighting was also included in the renovation. It should be mentioned here that the northern Ljubljana ring road is one of the busiest roads in Slovenia as nearly 70,000 vehicles pass through it daily. For that reason, the appropriate street lighting is of great importance. The old lighting was considerably out-of-date and decrepit. We offered a solution which proved to be the most convincing of all.

Their main objectives were to reduce the electric power consumption and to replace the decrepit technology with the latest one. They also wanted to extend the periods between necessary maintenance or lamp changing and to achieve more pleasant illumination with less light pollution and better colour recognition. We participated in the tender and our solution with LED E LUM was chosen.



We replaced old sodium lamps with the latest LED lamps. Life expectancy of our lamps is 100,000 hours in comparison with the life expectancy of old sodium lamps of only 30,000. It is important to note that our lamps also offer better colour recognition than the sodium lamps, which is very important in traffic. They also decided to include the control and monitoring system which additionally lowered the electric power consumption. The system enables us to monitor each individual luminaire in real time. By counting vehicles, we can establish when the traffic is least busy and additionally reduce the power of luminaires at that time. It enables us to save even more energy and, at the same time, keeps the roads safe.



The replacement resulted in a substantial reduction of electricity consumption. The old lamps used 280W of electric power to meet the standard, whereas our E LUM LED lamps only use 120W to do so.


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