Domžale, Slovenia

Industrial and Lumenia Solutions


Because of the lack of car parks in the town, the Municipality of Domžale decided to invest in a multi-storey car park. People working in the vicinity can now park their cars using the "Park and Ride” system, with a return bus fare included in the parking ticket. With the new system the 12-hour parking is cheaper than a return ticket to the city of Ljubljana. The reasons the parking prices are so favourable are because the new parking facility has low maintenance costs and minimal energy consumption.
It was because of these reasons that the municipality chose our G LUM product with integrated motion sensors.


All four storeys are equipped with 40W lights which are switched on in pairs, according to detected motion.
There are 228 parking spaces, illuminated with 20W lights which switch off during the night. The total number of all lights installed is 144. The ten outdoor E LUM 15W lamps also integrate well with the general architecture of the Domžale parking garage.


In comparison with the power consumption of ordinary fluorescent lights, a slightly higher initial investment pays for itself within a few months.


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