Cerknica, Slovenia

Industrial and Lumenia Solutions


Lighting in production facilities with numerous industrial and manufacturing operations must be energy efficient, highly precise and reliable. These demands were kept in mind by Ebm-Papst Slovenija d.o.o. (part of Ebm-Papst group) when choosing the supplier for a lighting system for their newly built production facilities. The company is one of the leading players in the household appliance motor industry in Europe and worldwide in terms of quality, quantity and flexibility.


LUMENIA G LUM industrial luminaires were chosen among other major brands due to their exceptional quality of light and reduced glare due to their opal diffuzors. 315 G LUM 60W luminaires with DALI components were installed in the new production facilities. The intelligent lighting management system enables control of the lights and adjustment of modes depending on the amount of natural light coming from the windows. The system is flexible, expandable and easy to control.

The regime operates fully automatically according to preset schedules. The lighting system works very economically and makes it possible to use artificial light only if truly needed, namely if too little daylight is available and only when people are present in the room. Software defines the start of the working process, offering suitable lighting intensities, reducing the light intensity to the minimum necessary level during pauses in production / break times etc. During the daytime, lamps are not lit at full intensity. Average illuminance is maintained at 750-800 lx.


LUMENIA luminaires provide maximum performance and safety in industrial applications and at the same time offer cost reductions via energy savings.


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