Karlovac, Croatia

Industrial lighting


The lighting of a sports hall must be of good quality, intensity and flexibility to suit different lighting conditions for differing types of sports.

A secondary school in Karlovac, Croatia, has recently switched the lighting in their sports hall from their old 400W luminaires to advanced LUMENIA LED H LUM 198.100.010, 100W luminaires.
The old traditional lighting installations in most schools are more than 20 years old and didn’t allow any lighting regulation in the past. The aim of the project of renovating the school sport hall in Karlovac was to reduce enormous energy costs, increase light intensity and optimize energy consumption.


Our professional high-bay H LUM luminaires were a perfect fit for their needs as they are primarily designed for suspended or ceiling installation in sports and industrial halls. With up to 60,000 hours of service lifetime (L80B10) and up to 125 lm/W luminaire efficiency, they increased lifetime by a factor of 4, average illuminance by 50% and energy savings by 75%.

Additional energy saving was achieved due to the installation of the LUMENIA lighting management system that optimises the specific use of light quantities according to the time of day. With the help of the DALI component it is possible to manage energy consumption via the Cloud and change the setting modes of operation, and thus set the optimal regime, enabling additional energy savings and ensuring cost reduction.


Used lighting fixtures achieved cuts in costs, energy savings and improved light quality, with a CRI factor of up to 84 and a luminance level of up to 50%, from 300lux to 450lux.


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