Green environment has always been our main concern, so it comes to no surprise that we have developed a solar system for street lighting, which uses renewable energy - the sun.

The advantages of solar powered lighting system are low installation costs and an option to use it in areas with no public power grids. It is a great option for lighting bicycle and walking paths, private parking spaces, bus stations, industry areas, or national parks or protected areas without disturbing the natural environment. Top quality components, made in EU, and our development distinguish this system as reliable with prolonged service life.


Solar system is self-contained and fully automatic system. It consists of BMS functionality (Battery Management System), MPPT functionality (Maximum Power Point Tracker) and smart communication with our smart phones. The BMS is constantly measuring charging and discharging of all 4 battery cells that represent battery bank, providing the battery cells are charged equally. In order to provide the most efficient charging the MPPT function selects the maximum charging power from the photovoltaic panel. The electronics inside takes care of charging and discharging of the battery bank, as well controlling the LED luminaire. The maximum power of the solar system luminaire is 60W, where with the latest LED technology and efficacy of up to 140 lm/W, these powers are suitable for illumination of public spaces like BUS stations, parking spaces, etc.

With having charging and discharging of the battery bank well under control, we also take care of long autonomy of the system. The autonomy of 30h is set where there is no daylight to charge the system. The supported Bluetooth smart phone application provides you the programming of the 5 dimming steps during the night. The system itself measures and calculates the SOC (State of Discharge) of the battery bank, which helps to define if the system has enough energy to supply the LED light through the whole night or if it needs to dim the luminaire down, so it doesn’t switch off till the morning. The application also provides monitoring of the system, including SOC of the batteries, charging current, load current, temperature inside the battery bank, and brightness status.



5 Years

Lower CO2

Light Pollution


  • System autonomy for up to 30 h
  • Automated switch ON/OFF function
  • Automated settings for dimming levels during the night, according to batteries SOC
  • Manual settings for dimming levels during the night
  • Bluetooth programming and monitoring
  • Solar panel vertical angle adjusting from 20° to 40°
  • Solar panel horizontal angle adjusting for 360°




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