Domžale, Slovenia

Industrial lighting


Stigma cevni sistemi d.o.o. from Domžale decided to completely renovate its lighting system in order to comply with the recommendations of the SIST EN 12464-1 standard, which details the illumination of workplaces.

The company, which makes plastic pipes, was using luminaires with 3 85-W fluorescent bulbs or a total power of 255 W. We replaced them with 72 G LUM LED lights, designed primarily for illuminating industrial facilities, production lines and workstations in manufacturing.

During the planning phase, we took into account the various needs in individual parts of the production line, and used lights with different characteristics – an opal or semi-translucent diffuser, lights with sensors or without.


Based on the lighting calculation, we installed 61 60-W G LUM LED lights, 1500 mm in length, with a semi-translucent diffuser, and 11 20-W G LUM LED lights with a semi-translucent diffuser and a sensor. The lights have a long lifespan and provide ingress protection of IP64.

Besides the high quality, the exceptional system efficacy and the long lifespan of our products, the client was also convinced by our consultancy services, willingness to tailor the solution to the customer and the option of using several different lights.


The selected solution decreased the system’s input power to a fifth, resulting in significantly lower cost of electricity, while the annual maintenance cost for 5,880 operating hours came down to €550. At the same time, the illumination increased from 200 lx to 300 lx.
The company will recover the cost of the investment in merely 15 months.


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