Vodice, Slovenia

Industrial lighting


The Vodice elementary school has been actively involved in the Eco-School international program, and implemented several projects in the 2015/16 school year to maintain their green flag for good environmental performance.
The school received its International Eco-Schools Award Certificate on 30 June 2014, for its achievements in education for sustainable development at school as well as in the community. Due to the outdated old lighting system and high electricity consumption, the school decided to replace the old lamps with LED lights.

Lighting for school gyms or sport halls must be very flexible and robust, and sports practices require ideal lighting conditions. Luminaries should be knock- and impact-resistant, economical and easy to maintain. It should be easy to adjust the number of used lights to diverse needs and weather conditions. The main purpose of upgrading the lighting system was to achieve significant energy savings.


The 18 250W sodium lamps were replaced with 14 H LUM, 100 W and 4 H LUM 75 W fixtures.
The new lights require 1.7 kW power compared to the previous system power of 5.18 kW, meaning the new system uses only one third of the power the old system did. Not only is the new system much more energy efficient, it also provides 100% better surface illumination.


The school reduced its energy cost by over 67% in 2018 compared to the preceding year.


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